document legalisationDocument Legalisation Service

Modern people travel and move to other countries more than ever due to various reasons. Depending on the reason they involve in foreign affairs, they need different types of documents to produce at different authorities. It is compulsory for these individuals to present these documents with a confirmation of genuineness. This is when we can be your professional assistance and get your documents legalized. Simply, we offer you one of the most reliable apostille services in the industry.

We are professionally trained and qualified to provide you a speedy and comprehensive document legalization solution with guaranteed satisfaction. Thanks to our dynamic staff, we have served hundreds of individuals to legalize their documents at foreign authorities. Numbers don’t lie; we have testimonials of hundreds of happy customers to prove our efficiency and the professionalism in this field.

For Individuals

We serve individual clients including international students, teaching candidates, different professionals and families willing to move to another country for various purposes and get their educational, vital, legal and personal documents certified.

Thanks to our convenient service, we can reduce the potential stress of document preparation by a significant margin. So, all you have to do is to concentrate on your moving other than running here and there to get your documents legalized; we are there to help you.

Here is the list of documents we can handle for individuals

  • Birth, Marriage and Death certificates
  • Civil partnership certificate
  • Pet Export documents
  • Medical statements
  • Diplomas obtained from public Universities, colleges or schools and the relevant transcriptions
  • Documents related to bankruptcy
  • Land transfer documents
  • Military documents
  • Power of attorney
  • Consent letter for children (to travel overseas)
  • Divorce, single status certificate or certificate of non-impediment
  • Court documents, affidavits and sworn statements
  • Naturalization Certificate
  • Records needed for child adoption
  • No Criminal Record certifcates


For corporate clients

If you are an organization that requires expanding the wings on global basis, you can entrust us as your trustworthy documentation partner.  We will get them all certified accurately and well ahead of the time since we understand the value of the time for you. So far, we have dealt with various corporate sector clients and provided them the best service. Since we work responsibly, we can assure the discreetness of all the information you provide us.

Here is a list of corporate documents we handle

  • Deeds of assignments
  • Articles, certificate of incorporation, certificates of amendment
  • Patents
  • Merger agreements
  • Trademark applications
  • Financial statements, certificate of origin, certificate of assessment
  • General power if attorney
  • Free Sales certificates
  • CFG – Certificate of foreign government
  • CPP – Certificate of Pharmaceutical products
  • FDA administration documents
  • Corporate Board Resolutions
  • Good standing Certificates
  • Appointment of distributor or agent (authorized)
  • Commercial invoices
  • Certificate of Memorandum
  • Chamber of Commerce documents
  • HM Revenue & Customs documents
  • Home office documents


Reasons to use us as your apostille partner

  • We can help you to save your precious time as we do all the coordination with foreign embassies. So you can focus on your moving other than wasting your time on lengthy and confusing documentation process.
  • Our expertise professionals initiate a very unique service that meet the exact requirement of the customer. Depending on the customer’s need, we can customize our service.
  • We believe in in-person document submission to the relevant authorities and therefore the accuracy and the speed of the process are guaranteed.
  • We are at your service, no matter where you are

We are affordable

You may compare our rates with the other service providers to understand the affordability of the service. Although our services are affordable, we never compromise the quality of the services we offer. That is why our customer base keeps growing at a rapid speed. Moreover, our experts are ready to share their experience with you related to documentation work and help you to overcome potential issues.

Contact our customer service for more information related to any document legislation service. Meet the true experts in the industry and experience a friendly and dynamic service with no hidden fees.